Rosewood Kembang

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Rosewood Kembang

If you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, nothing packs a bigger punch than revamping your architectural design. Since it’s the first thing visitors see, it makes or breaks your home’s first impression — it can easily become the neighborhood star or the neighborhood dud.The exterior often reflects the overall style of the house and the family that lives there, so it sets the pace for the rest of your space. In the end, whether you have stone, wood, brick, steel or vinyl siding, make sure your materials, paint colors and overall design represent what you like and who you are.

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Think in terms of how you can organize your deck space into separate areas for your different needs. Here are some illuminating ideas to keep you entertaining regardless of the hour:

  • Candles- alone pillars to clusters of tiny tea lights.
  • Lanterns – hurricane, paper, or glass.
  • String lights- wrap them around nearby trees.
  • Solar lighting – place them along steps.


Add color and sophistication to your outdoor space with a painted concrete patioNatural and manmade elements combine for an imaginative study in contrasts in this outdoor space. We used several concrete floor stain colors, including earth tones and cool gray-blue, for the geometric shapes, to create an attractive, modern design.


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